What have we here?
       A cyclone?              A herd of cats?            An oncoming locomotive?
It seems to be some kind of phenomenon... a raw power unleashed, some undescribable force...

                                                                               Yes, that's it! Do you see him?

Possessing the talent to open minds with a single mouseclick,
(he's got all the newest computer software), the ability to jump tall buildings in a single bound,
(yeah, he can do that too...old school, easy stuff), the skills to draw the devil in a 5 minute chess game,

Let's do It!
just do it

and the power to keep you from leading a clueless, monotone, boring life...
(it's what he's all about...)

He'll save you from a fate worse than HELL!

Eat your heart out Jerry Falwell, it's SUPERJESUS and he's here to blow some minds!