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CNN- The undisputed king of international news coverage... the one and only CNN... What can we say about CNN? If you havent heard of it, youre living in the dark ages or don't EVER watch TV or listen to the radio... (good for you!- but you're clueless). Like it or not, this is billionaire Ted Turner's "spin" on the world's news. In our opinion, fair and quality reporting, but perhaps a bit biased towards the USA?

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THE ALTERNET- Compare CNN with this stuff and open your mind to alternative viewpoints!!! Great independant reporting, stories, and journalism from many non-traditional sources of news coverage. (Absolutely necessary in our increasingly homogenized world)


THE VICE- "The definitive guide to enlightenment" with cool categories including news, fashion, an extensive alt photo list of do's and don'ts, politics etc etc. This site is cool.


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