wacky, DIffEreNt, alien to the mind...
Stick Figure Death Theatre- "Twice the entertainment, half the talent."
This site is an experience in stick figure death animation. Voted "one of the top 50 animated death sites on the net"...
A new form of art... (this link belongs in the art is important section, for sure). Note: It takes a while to download this site and is a bit memory intensive, but worth the mindtrip if you can handle the loading times of the graphics...

the world of moist towelettes
Moist Towelettes!- "JB's Online Moist Towelette Collection."
For all you moist towelette collectors out there, this site is a gem... Hundreds of varieties just waiting to be discovered. Choose by name, virtue, international, and other categories.

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Read about HIS fascinating past and how HE came to be | Drink Blood!


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