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GEOGRAPHIC GUIDES AND TOURISM COMPANIES: - A network of travel guides and basic tourism sites. Many are simple one pagers for an area, capitalizing on the .com domain that represents it. Some are also award winning, comprehensive travel sites like,,, and many others. Lots of golf stuff, hotel bookings, business links, etc.

Lonely Planet - One of the worlds largest and most reliable and comprehensive travel information related companies. Every traveler worth their salt has at least one Lonely Planet guidebook on their bookshelf... Bulletin boards, updated travel info, etc, etc., this site beckons to be explored.

BEST PLACES TO BUY AIRLINE TICKETS: (and how to shop them)

     (If you compare shop the companies we have listed below, and you have a little patience and smarts, you're likely to end up with the lowest price possible for an airline ticket. Of course, it goes without saying to ALSO call up the airlines direct.

Cheap Tickets - They are a huge corporate ticketing machine and can sometimes come up with some great deals. Definately worth shopping... - An interesting company with a different way of going about business. You "bid" or set your own price for a ticket. You can go for an absurdly low bid, but unless you luck out on some kind of a super deal from an airline, you will be turned down in most cases. Its worth a try anyway! (The worst that can happen is that you know where the line of "no way" is...)

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