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Lots of disgusting links and pictures of disfigured human freaks.'s freak section has a great "book" on bizarre human oddities to leaf through!

are you ready for this?

Want to see more freaky shit? Check out this site: Consumption Junction. Be prepared to be grossed out, shocked, and possibly have your mental growth stunted by visuals that will intrigue you in the most macabe of ways... Sex, violence, insanity, and realism, this site is chocked full of video clips and mini movie files that are quite unique...
(The video clips arent that good if you have a dog of a slow computer, but the site is still capable of grossing you out!)

Websites from prisons in states that have, pursue and "execute" the death penalty...lots of fascinating deathrow facts, stats, and trivia fun on the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice website: executed offenders, final meal requests, scheduled executions, etc. Or, check out the North Carolina dept. of Corrections deathrow website for photos, bios, and more of your favorite deathrow killers!

GWAR: Violence has Arrived...

This band is bitchen cool violent freaky... Lots of violent game and music shit to buy and play.
Leave your flesh at the door and enter GWAR's domain!

come on in and be bitter!So bitter. So sick. so cool. bitterfilms are instant classics. Website and products are weird, but hilarious. Creator Don Hertzfeldt blends dementia with art in an original and brilliant style all his own...

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