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    Are you Afraid?Has anybody ever forgotten to have anti-virus software on your computer and then innocently opened some funky but luring attachment called "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves go to Mars", or "", or "Suzy likes her boobies"?
Chances are, you have, and you learned your lesson the hard way: If you own a computer nowadays, you better have some kind of anti-virus software on it and keep it updated! There's all kind of nasties zapping around on the net waiting for innocent computers to infect with a 6 month headache from hell.

    If you want to avoid this problem, KEEP YOUR VIRUS DEFINITIONS UPDATED and occasionally visit the
Symantec site
(maker of Norton products)-
one of the world's leading companies in effective anti-virus software and the technology and science of the cyber- viral world. Their site is teeming with info about cyber creepy crawlies you need to know. While you're there, we recommend you visiting the virus encyclopedia page where you can marvel at all the interesting sounding viruses out there with names like "The Matrix", "Nimda", "Donald.D.Trojan", "The Blue Worm" and others. It's fun!

Note: If anybody has a cool photo or picture or graphic of a virus, we'd love to post it here! (Just send it in an email attachment...)

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